Meet Chanelle

Oh Darling, Let’s Be Adventurers!

For as long as I can remember, I have been an adventurer. I have vivid memories of dancing in swarms of butterflies, tumbling in ocean waves and disappearing into the snow while making angels. I was raised on bedtime stories and great films.

In my spare time you can find me exploring and hunting out epic outdoor locations, planning our next big travel adventure or binge watching TV. I am pretty obsessed with 1940's Noir and Gangster films - I fancy myself a Gumshoe, seee! 

I am addicted to peppermint mochas and videos of playful Red Pandas - its a life goal of mine to have a cuddle session with a Panda! Like most photographers, I collect vintage cameras but I also have a pretty extensive collection of costumed rubber duckies and leather bags with map detailing.

I met Ernest in 2013. We like to say that we went on a first date that never ended. We spent every day together for months. When we had to be apart, we couldn’t stand it, had trouble sleeping and wound up together again.

Ernest loves everything 80's - Synthesizers, Dance Music, TV and Film. He finds ways to work Back to the Future quotes into conversation! He collects toy keyboards and synths - even plays them too. He is pretty deep into performing Card Magic right now - mostly to the patrons of our local pub. Ernest's current addiction is Mint Chocolate Boba and decorating his studio with Edison Bulbs.

We both love Winter and any excuse to wear a coat. Ernest designs our Halloween costumes and I make it our mission to search out the most decadent Christmas Light displays.

We are partners, we support eachother, we're lazy together and we learn and grow together. Every day together is an adventure, we enjoy traveling, being creative, simply being near each other, and meeting other fun-loving, quirky couples.

Connect with us and let's start an adventure!

Travel Schedule

Sacramento, CA

May 2017

New Orleans, LA

Oct 2017

San Francisco, CA

Nov 2017