Meet Chanelle


For as long as I can remember, I have been a story teller. I have vivid memories of dancing in swarms of butterflies, tumbling in ocean waves and disappearing into the snow while making angels. I was raised on bedtime stories and great films.

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Film at UC Santa Barbara, but decided to focus on photography when a client asked me to export stills from her Wedding Film because a shot brought tears to her eyes.

My Love Story

Ernest, is the Love of my life and my Second Shooter.

I met Ernest in 2013. We like to say that we went on a first date that never ended. We spent every day together for months. When we had to be apart, we couldn’t stand it, had trouble sleeping and wound up on the phone. Everyday together is an adventure, we enjoy date night dinners, traveling together, being creative and simply being near each other.

places we're headed this year

Sacramento, CA

May 2017

New Orleans, LA

Oct 2017

San Francisco, CA

Nov 2017